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Traders Are Backing These Two AI Cryptos to Explode

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A cryptocurrency token’s real-world utility could be the difference between sustainable 10x growth and a temporary fad. A few high-quality tokens are utilizing artificial intelligence to provide cutting-edge solutions to difficult problems.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two complementary futuristic technologies that offer significant advantages over traditional computing systems. Blockchain’s transparent and decentralized data storage, along with AI’s analytical decision-making capability, can provide a variety of revolutionary tools in the field of finance, healthcare, freelancing, etc.

AiDoge and yPredict are two AI crypto tokens that are being backed by traders to show an explosive price movement in the near future.

AiDoge Hits $11m in Presale, Could it Be the Next 100x Meme Coin?

AiDoge is receiving enormous interest due to its innovative approach to meme generation using artificial intelligence. The platform recognizes the importance of memes as a method of communication for crypto companies. AiDoge uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that are trained on millions of memes and crypto news to produce high-quality and relevant content.


AI is the native token of the AiDoge platform and is absolutely dominating its presale. The token has already raised over $10.2 million and is quickly approaching its goal of $10.8 million. AI will comfortably surpass this goal as the presale still has multiple stages left. The token is currently priced at $0.0000316 and will surge to $0.0000336 at the launch.

Apart from being used to create memes on AiDoge, the AI token also offers other exciting rewards to users. For example, traders can earn significant returns by staking the token or voting on the AiDoge platform.

The token is receiving backing from several traders and crypto influencers. The CryptoTV youtube channel praises the token for its strong presale, adding that heavy investment adds a certain level of legitimacy. Bleeves Crypto is also bullish on the project.


Similarly, 2BitCrypto praises the project for its extensive and well-planned development roadmap. AiDoge expects that the token will be available on various centralized and decentralized exchanges by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2023. The meme generation platform is expected to go live in Q4 2023. Users will be able to create memes based on the credits they have accumulated by staking the token.

The project is making conscious efforts to expand its user adoption. It has announced a 50 billion token airdrop for users who purchased AI during the presale. Such users will only need to share the unique referral link they receive at the time of purchase. Based on the amount raised through the link, users will receive a share of the 50 billion tokens.

AiDoge is also receiving praise for its adherence to security standards. The AI token will be audited by Certik to assure the investors regarding any potential threats. Furthermore, over 25% of the token will be staked with the company for 10 years to show its commitment to long-term excellence and offer security against rug pulls.

Users can purchase AI tokens by swapping ETH or BNB after connecting their crypto wallets. Support and incorporation of BNB in the presale make it likely that AI will be listed on the Binance platform, which can result in a 10x price boost. Alternatively, users can also purchase the tokens by credit card.

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Revolutionary AI Crypto Analytics Platform yPredict Set for Explosive Growth

yPredict is a cutting-edge trading platform that provides an unbeatable edge to market participants. It is another project that utilizes blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and crypto tokenomics to provide significant upgrades over existing companies. The AI-powered ecosystem is built for developers, traders, quants, and analysts and provides meaningful insights in the field of technology, finance, healthcare, and human resources.


Primarily, yPredict is an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide variety of tools. yPredict Predictions platform provides price predictions for thousands of crypto assets and securities. This platform is free of cost for every YPRED holder. yPredict Analytics uses advanced techniques such as pattern and chart recognition, sentiment analysis, and on-chain data analysis to provide real-time insights to traders.

yPredict’s flagship product Marketplace matches traders and investors with data scientists and ML experts. Experts publish their cutting-edge data models on the marketplace, which traders can then subscribe to as signals. These signals can be used to make informed decisions while trading. Finally, the yPredict Terminal is a sophisticated trading engine that enables pro traders to execute their trades instantaneously.

yPredict provides tools for traders and investors of all levels, from beginners to experts. For example, beginners can access the predictions platform free of cost. Similarly, the Analytics platform uses a freemium structure and offers three levels of membership: free, active, and pro trader.

YPRED, the native token of the platform, is receiving enormous interest due to its utility and sound tokenomics. The Polygon-based token has already raised over $1.3 million and is extremely close to achieving its goal of $1.6 million. YPRED is currently priced at $0.07 and will list at $0.12. The token already has over 20,000 traders on the waiting list and will have a $6.5 million market cap at launch. Users staking the token can receive up to 45% APY and huge discounts on yPredict services.


The platform claims that YPRED has 10 – 100x potential and many traders fully agree. Jacob Bury, a popular crypto YouTuber, believes that the token has 100x potential and claims that he is incredibly bullish on it. Similarly, Michael Wrubel, another popular influencer, claims that he is bullish on YPRED. He highlights that there is no other platform that provides a similar level of market analytics. Moreover, the token’s foundation in Polygon makes the project incredibly attractive.

Users can purchase the token by swapping ETH or MATIC tokens and allocating YPRED to their crypto wallets. Alternatively, they can also acquire the tokens by credit or debit cards.

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