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Givenchy to auction new NFT collection on OpenSea


After Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, Givenchy has joined the list of luxury fashion brands who have leveraged the NFT hype by launching their exclusive NFT collections.

Givenchy has now put up 15 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on NFT marketplace OpenSea on the 23rd. Bidding for the NFTs has already started and will conclude on the 29th of this month. The “Chito x Givenchy NFT” collection was created in collaboration with Matthew Williams, the creative director of Givenchy, and digital artist Chito.

The NFTs, which can be used as profile pictures or online avatars, are part of the promotion plan to celebrate its Spring 2022 collection. The Givenchy collection features an assemblage of cartoonish characters and symbols, some of which may contain the Givenchy logo.

Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Givenchy-sponsored “The Ocean Cleanup,” an NPO developing technology to eliminate plastic pollution. The high-end brand specifically chose Polygon to mint the NFTs because of its low energy consumption.

“I’ve been wanting to explore this new and exciting space of NFTs,” said Williams. “The fact that Chito is already active in the ecosystem made it feel even more natural for us to collaborate on this limited series and bring our collective vision for Givenchy even further.”


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