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The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 4 – Interacting With The NFT Community


Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: one of those episodes in which nothing much happens, but ends up being crucial for the overall saga. The protagonist is still working on his new well-thought-out NFT collection, so there’s no action on that front. And he’s still learning about the particularities of the booming NFT culture. As a collector, though, Andy Milonakis is advancing at a frightening step. Is this man alright or is this man obsessed?

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Remember, we’re learning about NFTs through Andy Milonakis’ eyes. Welcome to the thunderdome! But before beginning, let’s listen to this show’s theme song:

Added To The Collection, This Weeks’ New Pieces

  • I got this guy cuz he’s cool,” says Andy. It’s from Rogue Society Bots.
  • He got these two small amphibious creatures, from CrypToadz.
  • Mars Cats Voyage made and gifted him this tribute, and Milonakis accepted it.
  • Milonakis also joined the SneakerHeadz Society

Flirting With The NFT Community

Andy Milonakis is already a full-fledged member of the community. He gets gifts from everywhere and everyone, participates in their events and Twitter spaces’ talks, asks them questions. For example, “How many of you people that followed me from the NFT space has either a crypto punk or a BAYC?” Several Bored Apes owners raised their heads, but it seems no one owns a Crypto Punk.

Sadly and hilariously, Milonakis is still having trouble setting up the hardware wallet, “bought one from the official site and it’s not charging.” Can anyone out there help Andy?

Also, Andy Milonakis has been flirting with Toddlerpillars. He suggested some traits and they sent him this baby:

Did Andy buy it?

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Celebrities And NFTs

Our hero attended a party for the release of NFL star Dez Bryant’s NFT collection. In there, he met some people from the NFT community in real life.

The next day, Andy said, “nice meeting y’all at the NFT party last night,” and dropped this Dez Bryant review:

So far, we haven’t seen any sign of Milonakis buying one of Dez Bryant’s Juggernauts.

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The NFT Community Interacting With Milonakis

Maybe this one should have been listed among “This Week’s New Pieces.” The artist behind one of the Rare Pepe cards, the original NFTs, gifted Andy an “autographed” one.


It’s crucial to know that Bryan Micon is the owner of this gallery of Rare Pepes in Decentraland:

Another interaction Andy Milonakis had with the community, someone is using his name to try to scam people. This is to be expected anywhere where money is flowing like in the NFT world, but still… “please don’t attempt to do business with anyone claiming to be me, don’t even do business with the real me just to be safe :),” Andy advises.

File this one among the awkward interactions. Milonakis told the Cunning Foxes, “when I get bombarded with stuff from you guys all at once, it just makes me want to block you all & never be a part of your community.

Some members of The Fox Pack apologized, but Andy also got some flack. “There is a really great group of people in Cunning Foxes. Sad to see you’re bashing them here Andy,” someone told him. Do you think Milonakis was out of line with his tweet? Or is it perfectly logical to ask them to dial it down a little?

In any case, Andy Milonakis was recently a guest in “Conversations from the Gutter,” a Twitter Spaces chat show produced by The Gutter Cat Gang. The man is already an integral part of the NFT community. It took him less than a month.

Featured Image: Andy Milonakis' Art From This Tweet | Charts by TradingView

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