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Crypto exchange AscendEx lists Coin98


Singapore-based crypto exchange AscendEx announced on the 9th that it has listed Coin98, a multi-chain DeFi platform on its trading platform. The tokens have started trading under the pair USDT/C98 since Sept. 9 at 1 PM UTC.

Additionally, the exchange has also worked with Coin98’s development team to initiate multiple, limited-time, promotional events as well as offering incentives for trading and staking C98 tokens.

According to the announcement, Coin98 is an all-in-one, multichain DeFi platform that offers multiple products and services including wallets, exchanges, bridging features, and more. It supports over 25 blockchains simultaneously with just one passphrase.

The token C98 is a utility token that can be used for governance and staking services. It is also planning to offer unique membership rights.

Mentioning the various advantages of the Coin98 platform, the announcement read:

“They aim to build a complete DeFi infrastructure that offers features like swapping, lending, borrowing, yield farming, derivatives, and more. By offering a simple UX to engage novice users and providing advanced features for professional traders, Coin98 is built to support mass adoption of various user types.”

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