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Ethereum Foundation’s Jameson slams NEAR Protocol exec’s FUD-inspiring take

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The last few days have brought good news for the Ethereum community. Not only did ETH rise on the charts, climbing to $441 from a value of $382 just under a week ago, but the community also welcomed the deployment of the deposit contract for ETH 2.0. Needless to say, optimism is running high, especially since these developments came on the back of months of anticipation, delays, and online spats.

However, as with most developments, the deployment of the deposit contract also paved the way for yet another unusual take, this time, by NEAR Protocol’s Illia Polosukhin who contended that despite all the progress, “Eth1 is not going anywhere.” Congratulating the developers behind the milestone, the NEAR Protocol exec also announced monetary support for OpenEthereum development.

That’s not all, however. In fact, some in the community even accused Polosukhin of spreading FUD after he questioned the transition from Ethereum 1.0 to Ethereum 2.0. Further, the exec argued that,

“There is no development on OpenEthereum (previously Parity) almost whatsoever in last 6 months. And it’s hurting decentralization of clients for Ethereum as well.”

Polosukhin’s claims were not taken well by most in the community, with some like the Ethereum Foundation’s Hudson Jameson pointing out the “top 3 inaccuracies” in the aforementioned thread.

With respect to Polosukhin’s contention that “trying to migrate Ethereum1 with all involved parties without stopping chain for at least a few days won’t happen,” Jameson said that the same was patently untrue. While questioning if the former had even spoken to developers working on the project, Jameson also argued that contrary to Polosukhin’s claims, the Berlin hard fork was never “officially” scheduled for June 2020, adding that EIP-2537 isn’t essential to Serenity.

Finally, to the NEAR exec’s claim of no development on OpenEthereum, an OE developer pitched in by stating,

“You have been checking the wrong repo. The OE team worked with the backport-3.1 repo (now renamed to openethereum). We fixed bugs that parity team did not fix in years as also we implemented all berlin EIPS.”

Jameson concluded the said thread on a stern note, claiming that exec hadn’t spoken to any OE developers, before making his claims about its dormancy. Calling the team’s work “stellar,” Jameson said,



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