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Velmie Review: White-Label Wallet & Payment Systems Provider


Established 8 years ago – Velmie has built up a reputation as a top-tier financial technology provider, specializing in delivering fiat and crypto wallet solutions for FinTech companies. It has loads of options – and an excellent track record in the industry.

Velmie has successfully developed and launched various products for enterprises and financial institutions, including back-end solutions, desktop, and mobile applications.

Velmie Creates Scalable Payment Solutions

Over the past few years, Velmie has expanded its businesses globally. It operates in some of the largest markets – and also emerging regions, including the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Velmie distinguishes itself from other wallet vendors by providing more professional banking technology solutions for specialized financial institutions. Its platform also offers tools like double-entry bookkeeping, the four-eyes principle, and the audit trail record.

These features are empowered by cutting-edge technologies, such as Go and Flutter, which utilize advanced containerization and microservices.

Velmie: White-Label Mobile Wallet Solution
Velmie: White-Label Mobile Wallet Solution

The Microservices Advantage

Microservices architecture allows Velmie to deploy distributed technologies in order to surpass weaknesses in traditional monolithic design, by enabling to flexibly choose the most adaptive option for specific problems.

This kind of architecture gives Velmie a superior ability to improve scalability and reliability for its platform – and other applications that use it as a base.

The company has shown that it can engineer and deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions that establish a connection between everyone in the ecosystem. Velmie is a good choice for FinTech companies that want to narrow down their payment solution concerns and focus more on businesses.

Velmie’s platform can integrate a clients’ system with banks and payment processors, allowing them to create customizations thanks to the support from an enthusiastic and dedicated customer team.

A Great Track Record

After 8 years in the marketplace, Velmie has made a positive impact on the wallets and payments space.

It was named by Clutch as the Top Blockchain Agency on more than one occasion. Velmie has cooperated with several international brands, for instance, they were one of the early adopters of Hyperledger Fabric platform to build nationwide tokenized payments solutions on the emerging markets.

This partnership marked a break-through of the integration between a white-label mobile payment solution and Hyperledger ecosystem, which enables security, traceability, and other advanced functionalities over the entire network.

Core Product Features

Velmie is committed to building an inclusive solution package so as to satisfy each and every client and partner. It has created a rock-solid platform and can work with businesses to make the right kind of payments or wallet platform a reality.

Velmie’s strengths come from a deep knowledge of the industry as well as knowing its customers, which makes it able to develop and constantly improve their products and features.

Let’s take a look at some of the core features of the platform.

  • Multi-currency support, including both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Velmie provides a White-Label Multi-Asset Trading Platform to help enterprises quickly adopt crypto transactions for their customers. With Velmie’s Digital Asset Trading, FinTech companies can focus on scaling up their business without worrying about technologies or security. Currently, Velmies supports more than 150 fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Individual and business accounts. Velmie offers 2 types of accounts so that both individual traders and enterprises or FinTech organizations can get joyful experiences with While-Label Mobile Payment on Velmie.
  • Tiered KYC system out of the box. Velmie totally understands and commits to fully complying with KYC/AML, hence extra measures are applied in order to maintain the privacy and safety of user accounts. Organizations are able to configure custom workflows and integrate KYC Data Intelligence source to offer customers various registration approval methods.
  • Instant P2P transfers between users. With the Multi-Asset Trading Platform, Velmie is able to employ real-time transactions and conversions among different fiat and cryptocurrencies. Multisignature transactions are confirmed instantaneously from all corners of the world, with the capacity of over 100,000 transactions/second.
  • QR payments for clients and merchants. To make payment become easy and fast-forward, Velmie implements plenty of integrations into its wallet, including real-time payment through NFC, QR code, and biometric authorization. Payments can be generated and received between buyers and merchants in basically no time.
  • Multiple types of accounts including credit and savings. Velmie allows admin to gain complete control over the client’s accounts and create new accounts with relevant functions. Depending on each client and typical workflow, the admin can authorize an account with either debit or credit function.
  • Multi-language support. To overcome language barriers and assist clients from different nations and regions immediately seek answers for their inquiries and prevent their operation from being unnecessarily interrupted.
    Card management issuing and management. Card payments are also integrated on Velmie’s platform. Furthermore, users can request to get either physical or virtual cards issued and attached to their wallets.

More Services

Besides the above-mentioned core products, Velmie also offers other services and solutions on a bespoke basis. These services concentrate on enhancing the total system and delivering the right features for every client.

  • Platform customizations. Based on particular requests from clients and self-evaluation, Velmie will customize the platform to meet clients’ functional requirements, markets to serve, compliance requirements, and other factors. All on-demand customizations are handled in-house and transferred to clients, ensuring their operation is maintained in accordance with original purposes, while utilizing the power of While-Label Mobile Payment and other blockchain applications.
  • Custom integrations. Velmie has established close connections with many suppliers and financial institutions. That is the premise for the company to develop solutions for FinTech businesses and help integrate wallet platform to different third parties, from KYC/AML service providers, payment gateways to commercial banks. Thanks to that, all incoming and outgoing transactions are enabled and run smoothly through Velmie’s platform.
  • Dedicated development teams. Velmie’s products and services are developed by a professional team with a deep expertise in technology, platform, blockchain, finance and other related sectors. Until now, the company has successfully earned contracts and partnerships with many global corporates worldwide. Coming to Velmie, FinTech enterprises and funded startups can benefit from hiring dedicated teams that have gained from numerous real-world development cycles.

A Comprehensive Platform for While Label Payment Solutions

Thanks to Velmie, there is no need for FinTech companies to create their own payment gateway – as Velmie can offer both off the shelf and custom solutions for just about any system.

In addition to an amazing specs sheet, Velmie has loads of real-world experience to draw on – as well as a talented team that is ready to work with companies both large and small. With all of these advantages – it is difficult to consider creating a payment solution from the ground up.

If you want to learn more about what Velmie can do for your company, or how it may be able to improve on your current payments system – just click here to visit the portfolio, and learn more about how it has helped other companies compete in the digital economy.

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