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Anchorage adds supports for XRP

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Anchorage now supports the custody of XRP, a digital asset designed to facilitate fast, efficient cross-border transactions at scale. XRP is the third-largest digital asset by market cap. With years of development behind it, there is now a large ecosystem of financial institutions that hold XRP. That means there is a growing need for a usable institutional custody solution, a need that Anchorage will cater to.

Anchorage’s support for XRP will rely on a range of resources, including those maintained by the team at Xpring, Ripple’s developer platform. The flexibility of the Anchorage platform will allow them to support more advanced XRP functionality like payment channels should customer demand require it.

“Anchorage aims to support every digital asset that meets our standards of quality and security, such as XRP. As a leading crypto asset for global payments and remittances, XRP is attractive to many institutional investors. We’re working closely with the Xpring blockchain to support our institutional clients,” said Diogo Monica, President, Anchorage.

XRP can be traded at Binance.



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