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Yahoo! Japan Subsidiary, TaoTao, and Binance move towards a strategic partnership

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Z Corporation Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Z Holdings Corporation (formerly known as Yahoo! Japan Corporation), and TaoTao Inc., a crypto asset exchange subsidiary of the same company, are negotiating a strategic partnership in the Japanese market with Binance, a major global cryptocurrency exchange.

The three companies have proposed a strategic partnership in Japan’s cryptocurrency market, which may lead to Binance providing cryptocurrency exchange-related technology and cryptocurrency operations support to TaoTao.

The news follows an announcement from Binance in January that it will gradually stop offering its services to customers residing in Japan, and in accordance with the end of service, the company will soon implement trading restrictions.

TaoTao was established in May 2017 as BitARG Exchange Tokyo, and in December of the same year, it registered with Japan’s Financial Services Agency as a cryptocurrency exchange operator. In April 2018, Z Corporation (an investment company established by Yahoo! Japan in 2018) invested capital in BitARG Exchange Tokyo, and in February 2019, the company formally changed its name to TaoTao. The company opened its trading services in May 2019.



Masayuki Tashiro, Khareem Sudlow