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Maker Foundation Unveils Dai Gaming Initiative to Boost Game Economies

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The Maker community’s Dai stablecoin has become a darling of Ethereum’s early decentralized finance sector. Now, Maker’s backers want to help the token become a darling for gamers around the globe, too.

On March 10th, the Maker Foundation announced the Dai Gaming Initiative, a new campaign aimed at highlighting how the dollar-pegged stablecoin can be “outstanding for blockchain and traditional game economies.”

The campaign is centered on outreach, then, i.e. convincing game developers that the Dai offers a “much-needed plug-and-play financial ecosystem for video games” of any kind because of its permissionless, programmable, and stable design.

Earn Bounties for Building with Dai

To kick off its gaming initiative, the Maker Foundation has rolled out a bounty program aimed at rewarding game developers for innovatively integrating the Dai into gaming applications.

The program is offering four categories of bounties to start:

  • 1,500 Dai for the most creative Dai integration (x2)
  • 2,500 Dai for the best player-versus-environment Dai integration
  • 2,500 Dai for the best player-versus-player Dai integration
  • 5,000 Dai for the best Dai Savings Rate (DSR) integration

What projects these bounties will inspire remains to be seen, but the challenges point the way to more advanced “Play2Earn” possibilities that should open up new kinds of avenues for gamers to generate money and participate in digital economies.

For the Traditional and the New

Of course, any builders wanting to try their hand at one of the Maker Foundation’s new gaming bounties will have several other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to look to for possible inspiration.

In their gaming initiative announcement post, the foundation highlighted blockchain games like Axie Infinity, CryptoWars, and SkyWeaver as projects that have found interesting early ways to implement the Dai into their respective worlds.

But it’s not strictly blockchain games that Maker’s proponents are looking to pitch developers on, as the foundation has argued the Dai would be ideal for mainstream, non-blockchain games, too:

“Games have evolved from relatively simple states of existence to robust universes with many of the intricate social structures we see in the real world. Some games have even developed full corporations, with HR, Accounting, and IT departments, and more. Dai is ready and waiting to facilitate a deeper level of economic activity in the new worlds of traditional games as well as blockchain games.”

Unto World Domination

The Dai Gaming Initiative is just the Maker Foundation’s latest bid to advance the Dai as a fledgling world currency.

That goal, to help the stablecoin become a mainstream currency, has expressly been on the mind of Maker’s builders since last fall, when the Dai underwent a rebrand and the activation of its milestone Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) system.

“The Maker Foundation and the larger MakerDAO community are confident that Dai can sit alongside the other major currencies of the world, from inside Bloomberg Terminal platforms to beside cash registers in coffee shops,” the foundation said at the time.

To the organization, then, making inroads into the wider gaming sector — which has already become huge and is generally poised to grow considerably over the coming century — can help Dai “reach critical mass in the global economy.”

New Fiat On-Ramp for Dai

To evolve into a money for the mainstream, Dai will need to become more accessible to regular, everyday users. One avenue for increased accessibility is fiat on-ramps, which let users easily exchange cash for crypto.

Some good news for the Dai’s adoption prospects arrived earlier this month courtesy of a MakerDAO partnership with Simplex, a fiat gateway infrastructure firm known for providing fiat services to Binance. The deal will allow users to purchase Dai via credit and debit cards supported by Simplex.

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