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BNC Weekly Bitcoin Twitter Statistics: 17th March

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BNC Research analyses around 34 million tweets on a weekly basis using language detection AI algorithms - which search for tweets that contain ‘#bitcoin’, ‘bitcoin’, ‘$BTC’, ‘BTC’ and a few other key bitcoin related phrases in the body of the tweet.


40 million tweets boiled down to a single infographic

The results are then characterized as falling into one of seven categories.

Opinion: Tweets with ‘opinion’ words but few theoretical insights.

Technical: Broadly the Technical Analysis category.

Onchain: Tweets covering subjects like mining, hashrate, stock-to-flow etc.

Ad: Promotional tweets. Typically connected to exchanges and crypto sector companies self-promoting.

Bots: Tweets not sent by humans. Often tied to scams and giveaways.

Macro: Tweets by governments, major banks and similar institutions. Macro-type statements with the ability to impact sentiment.

Hack events: Tweets discussing hacks or network fork issues.

Opinion Tweets total (last week)= 42209411

Onchain Tweets total (last week)= 24541036

Technical Tweets total (last week)= 32334596

Ad Tweets total (last week)= 17626300

Bot Tweets total (last week)= 12003937

Hack event Tweets total (last week)= 3814328

Macro Tweets total (last week)= 7658434



Aditya Das, Khareem Sudlow