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American Crypto - Binance.US is making moves

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Catherine Coley

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Catherine says Binance U.S. is the perfect mix for the ‘ambitious trader’, someone who knows markets, wants to see order depth and market structure, and wants to use the best trading tools available. Binance executed flawlessly in its first year of operation, growing at a scale beyond any other exchange. By adopting a remote-first, decentralized approach, CZ allowed the Binance team to be their best selves.

Catherine also talks about her time as the head of XRP Institutional Liquidity at Ripple during the 2017 bull run. There was a button on the Ripple website that traders could push to find out where to buy XRP that sent an auto-email to Catherine. She says at the peak of the rally, she received 17,000 emails in a six-hour window.

Key takeaway:

The U.S. exchange market is competitive, but Catherine is confident to be the CEO of the leading exchange brand in crypto and working with the best trading engine available. While some see the U.S. as falling behind in the global crypto market, Catherine sees an incredible opportunity to get it right. She says crypto represents freedom and we are at the very beginning of the crypto revolution globally.

Catherine still does customer support which gives her invaluable insight into Binance customer needs. Catherine is a major Star Wars nerd, a mega Mandalorian fan and she proudly wears her Darth Vader costume every year for May the 4th and Halloween.

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