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Ripple's IPO could be positive for XRP: Sologenic CEO

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Coinfield’s XRPL project, Sologenic announced its Initial Exchange offering [IEO] on 18 February and the team expects to sell at least 10% of the total supply of SOLO token by 25 February. This will enable users to trade into SOLO tokens, according to the CEO of CoinField, Bob Ras.

Ras in an interview with AMBCrypto said:

“Our goal for IEO is to sell 10% of the total supply, which is about 40 million SOLO. Our presale was a success.”

He added:

“…but the main goal is that we get SOLO listed in other major exchanges.”

As the SOLO token sought listing at major exchanges, users will be able to convert any digital asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum into one of the 30,000 stocks and ETFs on the Sologenic platform in real-time. However, on decentralized exchanges, tokenized assets will be tradable only against XRP and SOLO token, clarified Ras.

He also expressed a positive attitude towards Ripple’s IPO and said that if Ripple stocks were available, it will be listed on Sologenic. Ras elaborated:

“So I think by launching an IPO, Ripple is going to be much more stronger. And obviously XRP is decentralize, you know, they, then, they’re not centralized, but, it’s going to affect. If Ripple is going to launch an IPO, it’s going to have some effect on the price of the XRP, which I think is positive.”



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