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Bitmain Has Announced Their New Antminer S19 Series ASIC Miners

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Bitmain has announced their new Antminer S19 series of SHA256 Bitcoin ASIC miners, though only specifications for now, no price and availability info. The Antminer S19 has 2 variants, a 95 TH/s and 90 TH/s model, with a power efficiency of 34.5 J/TH and the Antminer S19 Pro has a 110 TH/s and 105 TH/s model, both with a power efficiency of 29.5 J/TH. Both series come with a built-in power supply and are rated at 3250 Watts of power usage at the wall.

Bitmain is trying to up their game with the Bitcoin halving nearing, though the new ASIC miners will most likely be available for delivery after the halving, especially with the current situation in China regarding the coronavirus (covid-19). Anyway, still good to see that BTC ASIC miners’ efficiency can be further improved with optimizations and new technology…



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