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Leaders Research Series: Breaking down the trends behind Davos 2020

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For the first time in the history of the WEF _Global Risks Survey_, environmental concerns dominate the top long-term risks by likelihood among members of the World Economic Forum’s community, including:

  • Extreme weather events with major damage to property, infrastructure and loss of human life.
  • Failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation by governments and businesses.
  • Human-made environmental damage and disasters, including environmental crime, such as oil spills, and radioactive contamination.
  • Major biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse (terrestrial or marine) with irreversible consequences for the environment, resulting in severely depleted resources for humankind as well as industries.
  • Major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and geomagnetic storms.

The carbon credit system must undergo a dramatic shift both in the price of carbon and the outdated market infrastructure for trading them to tackle climate change as needed - and in short time. This is particularly pressing given economic vulnerabilities already in place such as high debt, negative interest rates, rising income inequalities and elevated geopolitical risks.

Our latest proprietary research report Carbon Credit Tokenization is an example of our consultation work on digitizing real-world value for the new economy.


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Andrew Gillick, Khareem Sudlow