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Ethereum 2020 - A price forecast based on a data first approach

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Chris Brookins

Key takeaway:

Ethereum has had a tumultuous 2019 and there are further growing pains ahead. The upcoming, long-anticipated launch of Ethereum 2.0 in January will be the most important and comprehensive update in the network’s history. The 2.0 launch will reconfigure and adjust many existing Ethereum network dynamics. Chris’s report analyzes Ethereum’s seasonal characteristics and uses the Hurst exponent to tease out a likely trajectory in 2020. We verify the fundamental metrics driving price and assess their implications for the future of the Ethereum network.

Why you should listen:

Chris Brookins is the Founder and CIO of Valiendero Digital Assets, a quantitative cryptocurrency investment fund founded out of Carnegie Mellon University. Andy and Chris discuss Nike’s patent to tokenize sneakers on Ethereum, Chris gives his assessment of Plan B’s Bitcoin stock to flow model and he shares a view on what he expects to happen around the Bitcoin halving. Finally, Andy and Chris geek out over The Expanse and agree that it is an accurate depiction of a dystopian near future.

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