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Josh Olszewicz - Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow, Boomers & Millennials, Libra & Facebook

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Josh Olszewicz

Key takeaway:

Crypto has a scam problem, a fungibility problem, and a user-experience problem, are these solvable? Darknet markets still prefer Bitcoin over privacy coins, why? As Boomers fade out, millennial adoption of Bitcoin as digital money for a digital world will become inevitable. China has been working on the digital yuan for 3-4 years, whats really happening, and why China is so adept at playing the long game. Bitcoin’s stock to flow model suggests a $55,000 Bitcoin after the 2020 halving.

Why you should listen:

Andy and Josh discuss whether “nocoiner” is a derogatory term in the same way as ”Ok Boomer,” and Josh outs himself as an Overwatch and Magic: The Gathering enthusiast. Everyone is mad at Facebook, and just as well, as Libra looks like it is designed to use private social media data to calculate credit scores. That would be dystopian. The story of the next decade will be a Darwinian battle between decentralized digital currencies, corporate coins and central bank digital currencies. Spoiler alert - Josh picks Bitcoin as the winner.

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