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Japan’s Security Token Association partners with Luxembourg’s Tokeny Solutions to nurture security token ecosystem

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Going forward, both parties will collaborate with financial institutions in Japan, such as banks and securities companies, and regulatory bodies to identify security token roadblocks and propose solutions.

Security tokens are being positioned as stocks and securities that are represented on a blockchain in digital form. In recent years, companies that seek to procure capital through security token offerings (STOs) have begun to appear, prompting movements by some Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges to make preparations to enter the securities business from the perspective of accommodating these customers.

The JSTA was established on May 27, 2019 as a non-profit organization with the purpose of building an ecosystem that uses security tokens in Japan and contributes to the stable development of the Japanese economy. The organization has been actively promoting initiatives related to these goals, such as joint trials with the major Japanese telecommunications group NTT to convert real estate into securities in October.



Masayuki Tashiro, Khareem Sudlow