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CPU Mining on the Kadena Public Blockchain

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Kadena is a few years old startup company with serious financial backing that has just recently launched their public blockchain and it promises some interesting things including support for tens of thousand transactions per second with multiple blockchains. Kadena is supposedly offering a blockchain that is faster, more secure, and more scalable than other crypto projects and on top of that it is being done with Proof of Work, so mining is possible for anyone that might be interested. Kadena also supports smart contracts and comes with its Pact smart contract language described as the first truly human readable smart contract programming language that should be easy to be used by more users and not ust adanced programmers.

For the moment Kadena can be mined only using CPU, no GPUs, FPGAs or ASIC miners, so good news for anyone with some CPU resources that can be utilized for mining. The not so good news is that for the moment the chainweb-node and miner used by Kadena is still only available for Linux and Mac OS users only, so no Windows binaries are available. This means that you cannot yet run a full node or mine if your mining rigs are running Windows OS or even if you are running on most of the specific Linux-based OSes for mining, unless you add the required support yourself. Here you can read more on mining for the Kadena Public Blockchain if you are interested. Mining is either done by running a local full node or with a remote node supporting mining and just the miner software that is packaged inside the chainweb-node.

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