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Bloomberg Bitcoin ‘FUDster’ Promoted ‘Faketoshi Wannabes’ Last Year

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A Bloomberg journalist who published a ‘bitcoin manipulation FUD’ article yesterday was called out for promoting Satoshi Nakamoto wannabes in June last year. 

One of Bloomberg’s journalists, going by the name of Matt Leising, caught the attention of the bitcoin and crypto Twitter community yesterday for his latest article on a ‘new Tether FUD’. However, it didn’t stop there. Folks left no time in lashing out at the gentleman for his ‘faketoshi wannabe’ articles from 2018.

Bloomberg Journalist Promotes Faketoshi’s Book

One of Leising’s past articles that got a lot of negative attention recently is the title from June 30th, 2018, called ‘Key Passages From Satoshi Nakamoto Excerpt on Bitcoin Beginnings.’ As the title implies, Matt claimed that he has a book written by Satoshi Nakamoto himself, in which he details the process of Bitcoin’s creation.

Obviously, with Nakamoto’s real identity still being unknown, any such book by anyone who claims to be Satoshi is a farce. Not to mention that the real Satoshi Nakamoto has withdrawn from public years ago, and many do not believe that he will ever return, much less with a book.

In other words, Matt Leising promoted a book written by someone else, with links to it indicating the existence of a ‘Nakamoto Family Foundation.’ All of the links are now dead, so the ‘book’ cannot be accessed anymore.

However, Leising’s tweets and articles on the topic still remain, and the crypto community was not pleased to see them. Furthermore, many believe that he owes the bitcoin and crypto world an apology for promoting ‘Faketoshi wannabes,’ under the Bloomberg news brand.

Satoshi Nakamotos everywhere

The trend of various random people claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto is not exactly new. The community has been after Satoshi for years now, ever since bitcoin was originally launched. At first, people believed that Satoshi must be one of the well-known developers, researchers, or tech geniuses. However, everyone who was ever believed to be Satoshi has since denied the claims.

Then, some people, such as nChain’s chief scientist Dr. Craig Steven Wright, started claiming that they are Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin inventor, in hopes of getting fame and exposure. The latest example happened only recently when a German national by the name of Jörg Molt claimed to be Nakamoto (Bitcoin’s co-founder) during the Vegas Blockchain Week, before being ridiculed and called a liar by pretty much everyone.

The truth is that the identity of the real Satoshi remains a mystery, and whoever takes a shot at impersonating he/she/it/they, without appropriate proof should be taken as a liar.

What do you think about Leising’s bitcoin fud and faketoshi articles? Do you think he owes the crypto world an apology? Leave a comment down below to let us know.

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