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miniZ v1.5r Multi-Equihash Nvidia CUDA Miner with Improved Performance and Fixes

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The miniZ Nvidia CUDA closed source miner for Windows and Linux has been updated to version 1.5r that adds a major performance improvement for Equihash 210,9 (AION) for all supported Nvidia GPUs (up to 7%, depending on the GPU model). The new version also comes with improved stability, though this mostly affects Beam mining, as well as some small improvements and bug fixes to help make the miner more usable. MiniZ is still our preferred miner for ZElCash (Equihash 125,4) as it offers the best performance for that particular algorithm and hopefully the last update also fixes the stability issues it had in the previous version that required a loop to be set in order to keep the miner running.

The miner also supports Equihash 144,5, Equihash 150,5, Equihash 150,5,3, as well as Equihash 192,7, Equihash 125,4, Equihash 210,9 and Equihash96,5 and the various crypto currencies that use these algorithms on compatible Nvidia GPUs. There are CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 10.0 binaries available including support for Nvidia RTX GPUS with the CUDA 10 release (check which version works better on older GPUs, CUDA 10 is required fo RTX). Have in mind that since miniZ is a closed source miner there is also a built-in developer fee of 2% percent included.

To download and try the latest miniZ v1.5r Multi-Equihash Nvidia CUDA Miner…



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