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Mining the Bismuth (BIS) Pÿthon-Based Blockchain Project

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Bismuth (BIS) is apparently the first Python blockchain based around modularity and efficiency with ready-made decentralized applications. It is a project that has been available since 2017, but is not yet very popular with a sum 1 million USD market capitalization and a very low trading volume at the moment, so it might be worth digging a bit more about it. BIS uses a custom Proof-of-Work algorithm plus HyperNodes (PoS implementation), so it ban bi mined using GPUs and you can also stake coins that you have mined as well. The mining reward is dropping however and is scheduled to drop to 0 at block 7,100,000 (there is still time before that happens) and then it will become PoS only.

There are a few exchanges trading BIS, though thy are mostly smaller ones and a number of mining pools available. Do note that there is a GPU miner available for both AMD and Nvidia, with performance apparently scalling well from lower-end to higher-end GPUs. Every pool however uses its own dedicated miner, so you need to firs select a pool and then download the miner they have available. You can check out BIS Pool, EggPool and Noncepool if you are interested in mining.

If you are interested in checking out the Bismuth (BIS) Python-based crypto project…



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