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Brave New World - Science fiction and the future of crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain

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Brave New World - Science fiction and the future of crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain

Andy Pickering

22 Oct 2019, 08:15 UTC

A crypto entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist, Fran Strajnar is the founder and CEO of Brave New Coin. Fran says his mission in life is to “terraform the digital asset landscape.” Brave New Coin’s latest product is BNC Pro - a ground-breaking all-in-one crypto portfolio management platform.


Fran Strajnar, founder and CEO, Brave New Coin

Key takeaway:

Information flow in today’s crypto economy is fragmented, fallible and flawed. Market beating insight and advantage is available to those who can assemble, curate and filter this data quickly. Launching in November, BNC Pro is an all-in-one crypto asset management solution that integrates a user’s portfolio with Brave New Coin’s verified market data, newsfeeds and analysis tools - delivering actionable insights in near real-time. Premium tools are unlocked using the BNC Token which is launching via IEO on November 4th at

Why you should listen:

Fran explains his vision for the future of the crypto and blockchain space and why BNC Pro is positioning to be the terminal experience at the heart of the industry. Plus - why science fiction is the literature of ideas, and the eerie similarities between Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984. Fran explains Star Trek’s unique ability to provide a glimpse of the future, it’s foreshadowing of mobile phones and other technology, and Gene Roddenberry’s clever commentaries on the cultural issues of the day.

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