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Kind Ads: A Decentralized Advertising Platform for Advertisers & Publishers

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If there’s one thing that bugs us all – it’s having to look at irrelevant ads that offer virtually no value with respect to our personal interests. On the flip side, this is also a pain-point for those involved in the advertisement space, not least because valuable resources are being wasted on irrelevant target audiences.

With that being said, the team at Kind Ads claims to have found a simple solution in the form of a decentralized blockchain protocol that “improves how publishers and advertisers engage online.”


If you’re interested to find out more about how Kind Ads works, the problem they are looking to solve, and how they intend on doing it – be sure to read our full guide.

What is Kind Ads?

The overarching concept of Kind Ads is to bridge the gap between advertisers and online publishers – subsequently providing a solution to the ongoing hindrance that everyday consumers face when accustomed to irrelevant advertisements.

While this is, of course, frustrating for web users themselves, the issue of irrelevant ads is also a major problem for both advertisers and publishers alike. Regarding the former, this is directly linked to advertising budgets, insofar that resources are being wasted by showing ads to the wrong people.

And the former – online publishers do not want their readers to be bothered by annoying and irrelevant ads that serve no purpose for their audience.

However, it is important to note that the team at Kind Ads seeks to take things one step further. Instead of publishers displaying intrusive ads throughout their website, Kind Ads also promotes more effective channels such as push notifications, email, and chat.

Furthermore – and as we will cover in more depth in the section below, the entire ecosystem is facilitated by blockchain technology. Notably, the incentive-based Kind Ads platform operates on top of the Ethereum blockchain, fully complemented by its very own native ERC-20 token, known as the Kind Token.

How Does Kind Ads Work?

In its most basic form, Kind Ads allows advertisers and online publishers to directly engage via the Kind Ads hub. Effectively, online publishers – such as blogs, news platforms, and opinion sites, will have the opportunity to list their website at Kind Ads.

Next, those involved in the digital advertising arena will be able to sort publishers by relevance and target market. For example, a company looking to advertise their newly launched AI-based video console will seek online publishers that operate in this particular niche. In doing so, advertisers can be sure that their product and/or service is being marketed to the right people, at the right time.

Although the above matching system is effective in its own right, the process is redundant if advertisers are unable to validate the strength, credibility, and value of the online publisher in question. Otherwise, publishers could potentially scam the Kind Ads system by simply creating low-quality domains that in the eyes of Google – are virtually worthless.

That’s where the Kind Ads scoring system helps.

Kind Ads Scoring System

In a nutshell, the Kind Ads scoring system aims to verify the credibility of online publishers that seek to partner with digital advertising firms. The scoring system – which is based on the underlying blockchain protocol, allows Kind Ads to rank publishers by autonomously evaluating the domain’s credentials.

This will look at a number of key factors, such as the domain’s authority, life span, and specific niche – all of which can be independently verified by third-party platforms such as Google Analytics.

Once the advertisers have access to their chosen niche domains, they can make a decision based on the platform’s Kind Ads score – subsequently ensuring that their marketing resources are spent in the most effective of manners.

As the blockchain protocol is able to assess the publisher’s Kind Ads score on an ongoing basis, advertisers benefit from reliable and up-to-date information, indefinitely.


The overarching target market for Kind Ads is high-quality advertisers and online publishers, However, attracting stakeholders to the platform will be no easy feat, not least because the digital advertising space is hugely competitive. With that being said, the team at Kind Ads offers a number of incentives to attract both advertisers and publishers of all shapes and sizes.


From the perspective of advertising companies themselves, the Kind Ads platform comes with no fees. On the contrary – and as per the Kind Ads whitepaper itself, traditional third-party middlemen will typically charge in the region of 30%. In this sense, advertisers that instead opt for the Kind Ads model will stand to save a considerable amount.


View of the KindAds Marketplace for Advertisers

On top of being matched with high-quality and relevant publishers with a verifiable Kind Ads score, advertisers will also benefit from having direct access to multiple publishers in a fully transparent manner. This effectively removes the need to utilize the services of third-party intermediaries, such as Google Adwords.


Publishers using the Kind Ads platform will also be accustomed to a range of benefits. First and foremost, publishers can ensure that advertisements associated with their websites are high-quality, and perhaps most importantly – relevant. Failing to achieve this goal could lead to ever-lasting reputational damage.

Secondly, publishers stand to keep a much larger proportion of the advertising revenues that their respective platforms generate. In fact, Kind Ads distributes 75% of all dollar-based advertising revenues directly to the publisher.

It is also important to note that publishers will have their performance reports reconciled on a daily basis. This means that all respective payments – which are allocated in the platform’s native Kind Token, are paid every day.

Publisher Profile

Setting up Your Publisher Profile

End Users

End users have the chance to earn Kind Tokens when they grant publishers additional rights to market ads directly to them. In this sense, everyday internet users are rewarded for viewing ads that are relevant to their individual interests.

Ultimately, this gives each and every stakeholder the chance to benefit by engaging in a transparent advertising environment. If end-users no longer want to view ads via the Kind Ads ecosystem, they can opt-out at any time.

On the flip side, this further incentivizes publishers and advertisers to only engage in high-quality campaigns, with the view of reducing the rate at which end users opt-out of the Kind Ads ecosystem.

The Kind Token

The Kind Token was created to fuel the Kind Ads ecosystem. It can be used by advertisers to pay for new campaigns, as well as to reward online publishers for facilitating the ads on their platform.

Furthermore, the Kind Ads platform also comes with a Tokenized Rewards Pool. Funded by taking the remaining 25% from publisher earnings, the pool is used to further incentivize stakeholders involved in the platform.

KIND Token


In summary, the team behind Kind Ads have created a real-world solution to the ever-growing problem of annoying and irrelevant online ads. The underlying blockchain protocol has the potential to rate publishers – such as blogs and news portals, based on their credentials.

In turn, this allows advertisers to only partner with legitimately relevant platforms – in a fully transparent environment. From the perspective of the publisher themselves, not only can they ensure that they safeguard their website from the threats of non-relevant ads, but they will also keep a far larger proportion of their advertising revenues.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, website users will also be able to benefit from the Kind Ads ecosystem, insofar that they will earn Kind Tokens when they allow advertisers to present relevant ads. All-in-all, although competition is extremely fierce in the sector that Kind Ads aims to revolutionize, they have a platform that could potentially benefit all parties involved.

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