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TRON’s Sun Network V1.0 Code Is Released to Allow Unlimited Scalability

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TRON’s Sun Network V1.0 Code Is Released to Allow Unlimited Scalability
The first version of the code base for the TRON’s (TRX) scalability solution called Sun Network has finally been released. However, it doesn’t influence the price of the token much. By the time of writing, TRX has grown by minor 0.33% to $0.020359.
As per the official announcement, Sun Network is a scaling solution made in order to increase the capacity of the TRON MainNet, with integrating a sequence of scaling projects such are for example, DAppChain, a smart contract optimized application side chain, cross-chain communications, etc.
Between these projects, DAppChain presents itself as a side chain scaling project made up in order to provide unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet, allowing DApps to run with lower energy expenditure, better security and efficiency on TRON.
If compared to some other scaling solutions, Sun Network differentiates with two significant characteristics. First of all, it reinforces smart contract transactions, paying particular attention to improving the TPS of the smart contract transactions on the MainNet, and also making the transaction fees significantly lower. Secondly, the side chain is enabling requirements that are more custom-tailored.
Just for example, there are setting side-chain incentives, transaction rates, transaction confirmation speed and other parameters, serving necessities of different developer groups.
The general solution of the Sun Network will deliver unlimited scalability to the TRON MainNet, and consequently, it will ensure wider possibilities of the TRON DApps and the whole ecosystem developments. This solution endeavors in a way it’s bringing positive influence to the blockchain industry in whole and at the same time, it is developing the TRON network as such.
TRON’s founder and CEO Justin Sun said that as time goes on, lots of projects have made great progress.
He noted:
“We launched the TVM in October 2018. In just 7 months, nearly 500 quality DApps are running on the TRON network.”
He added that the total account number of TRON came to 3 million. Also, a total of 410 million secure transactions took place since the MainNet launch.
“Moving on, the energy-saving, highly secure and efficient Sun Network will contribute to a more active ecosystem of TRON,” said he.
Moreover, he explained that “community developers will benefit from the network as well. In addition, a series of scaling projects such as DAppChain and cross-chain communications will further expand the overall capacity of the TRON network, as well as improving the TPS and smart contract execution efficiency on TRON”.
The TRON Foundation has set a pattern in Dapp games. In particular, it had been performing against its worthy competitors such are ETH and EOS for a few weeks before. In spite of its success, the TRON Foundation is keeping improving its ecosystem with, what some would call, superb difference.
The testnet of Sun Network was officially introduced in June aimed at spurring its DApp game. Sun also specified that Tron has plans to develop a DAppChain as well. As per Sun, it should be customized in a way that it can be linked to TRON’s smart contracts. He also noted that its implementation would be helpful in optimizing Dapps’ functionality by minimizing energy consumption. As a result, high efficiency and security would be ensured.
In other technological news, the Chinese CCID Research Institute’s latest rankings at the end of July put Bitcoin in eleventh place amongst 37 digital currencies. Just for comparison, TRON came third.
TRON’s Sun Network V1.0 Code Is Released to Allow Unlimited Scalability



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