The Bitcoin Game #66: Jeremy Rubin - OhNo "WTF" Crypto

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The Bitcoin Game #66: Jeremy Rubin

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Welcome to episode 66 of The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. My second interview at the recent Bitcoin 2019 conference in San Francisco was with Jeremy Rubin, a fascinating guy who has contributed a ton to Bitcoin. We review Jeremy's background, discuss his current project (a BIP intended to aid with scaling pressures), and we revisit his controversial idea of a Bitcoin reorg in the wake of the recent Binance hack. And a lot more! Jeremy provides some pretty compelling content; I bet you'll enjoy this interview.


Jeremy's Website

Jeremy on Twitter

Tidbit Wiki

Coinhive (similar to Tidbit, more recent)

MIT Bitcoin $100 Giveaway (Coindesk article)

Period of Exclusivity Encourages Early Adopters, by Christian Catalini

MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Bitcoin Core


Article on Jeremy's BIP from The Block

BIP - Bitcoin Improvement Proposal

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

HTLC - Hash Time Locked Contracts Wiki

Jeremy's Initial Tweet about Binance Hack Reorg


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