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Crypto exchanges from ShapeShift now accessible in Pillar Wallet

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Pillar, an open-source mobile cryptocurrency wallet, has announced that crypto exchange ShapeShift is now integrated within the app. The addition of ShapeShift further enables secure swap of dozens of tokens, all without needing to leave the wallet.

The ShapeShift exchange functionality is part of Pillar’s new Offers Engine, which operates as a decentralized in-app exchange feature, allowing for instant token swaps, and eventually more.

The Offers Engine

The Pillar Offers Engine currently ‘pulls’ offers from different decentralized exchanges, ensuring that users always remain in full control of private keys. Pillar wallet users will be presented with various market rates based on certain criteria, it then allows users to select the exchange of their choice.

The plan is for the Offers Engine from Pillar to include a variety of different offers from decentralized finance (DeFi) services, and in the near future, all kinds of services beyond finance.

ShapeShift Renewed

ShapeShift, which earlier this month relaunched with updated features, and a fresh user interface, is an online marketplace which enables end-users to quickly swap between crypto assets in a seamless, safe, and secure environment. ShapeShift is a web and API platform created in August of 2014 to provide instant cryptocurrency and altcoin conversion.



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